We are delighted to have supported Drumz plc on their acquisition of Acuity Risk Management Limited (“Acuity”).

Deal Alert: Drumz plc

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When it comes to HMRC and VAT, it seems there is good reason to be prepared for the worst outcome – and plan accordingly. We look at two court cases that prove the point.

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The Bank of England has steadily increased its base interest rate over the last few months. We look into its impact on the tax liabilities of both individuals and businesses.

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So you don’t yet have a PSA with HMRC? Find out what they are, what they cover and why they are a good tool for improving your employment tax compliance.

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As we approach the new reporting season following a difficult economic year, the temptation to fudge a company’s performance has never been so high.

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Pension schemes are complex. We help to clarify how they are affected by interest rate changes and how you can recognise a surplus when it arises.

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