Manufacturing is an industry that does not stand still. Manufacturers need to be increasingly innovative and respond faster to today’s challenges. They need to plan ahead, more than ever before, invest in research and development and closely monitor inputs and supply chains, to gain that competitive edge. Constantly reassessing the future and any potential changes on the horizon are vital – whether that be as a result of Brexit, Industry 4.0, economic conditions, labour pressures or future demand.  

Our trusted advisors have extensive industry knowledge that will support and enable you to identify, structure and enforce vital strategies to overcome many challenges. The thirst for new products grows and increasingly advanced technology is present more than ever. The consumer wants more – newer technology, more innovative products – and all produced in a quicker timeframe.

This, coupled with the current unpredictable climate and unprecedented times, makes for unrecognisable trading conditions. But with our qualified and trusted team behind you, opportunity remains and solutions to the present challenges are there to be found. With our reliable expertise on a range of industries from electrical to medical, and seating to technological manufacturing – we will guide you through the  challenges and offer proactive solutions for your manufacturing businesses, working closely with you to help you achieve your objectives.

We support and assist our clients through compliance matters whether that be financial statement preparation, statutory audit, VAT compliance or corporate tax compliance. As you innovate, we will help you with your R&D tax claims, provide guidance for growth in terms of funding, tax advice and accounting support, as well as helping you find a way through more challenging times.

Manufacturing employs 9% of the UK workforce and we understand how vital employees are to our clients and their businesses. We will work with you on compliance matters such as payroll, non cash benefits, as well as advising on share incentives for employees, which may involve the outright issue of shares, or Share Option schemes, which have particular tax benefits where structured under the Enterprise Management Incentive scheme.

Many manufacturers have an international focus. Through the global reach of our committed network, PKF Global, we will advise you on expanding into international markets to achieve your objectives. With local knowledge in over 150 countries across 5 regions, we will provide joined-up advice wherever you are.