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Our Capital Markets team has extensive experience of acting as reporting accountant on IPOs on the London Stock Exchange and other international exchanges.

Over the past three years we have supported over 40 businesses in a variety of transactions leading to a public listing. Every transaction is different, and we will work closely with you to foresee any issues and head them off.

Floating on a public market enables a company to achieve a range of goals including:

Raising funds

Acquiring shares

Growing the company

Increasing profile

Exit strategy

Incentivise employees

As the reporting accountant we carry out the required due diligence on your financial history and forecasts to provide comfort to the various advisors involved. This process is invaluable in helping your business prepare for its IPO, identify the necessary IFRS reporting requirements and support the overall transition.

We provide the full range of reporting accountant services including accountants’ reports on historical financial information, long form reports, working capital reports and all comfort letters.

For companies that are already listed, we will assist with a range of post-listing transactions including reverse acquisitions, secondary placings, disposals and de-listings.