Charities offer services that are of great need – yet they are facing higher levels of scrutiny and calls for transparency and accountability than ever before. The demands of the public, donors, regulators and government mean that charity trustees and management face an ever-increasing volume of information and compliance – this needs to be dealt with while delivering the charity’s objectives.

Why choose us? Because we deliver more for our clients.

We are a specialist Not for Profit team with significant relevant experience. We work with charities of all shapes and sizes, complexities and activities the team draws on extensive knowledge to provide pragmatic and appropriate advice. Our team of specialists is committed to the sector, recognising the important part it plays in society.  

We work with registered charities, membership bodies, independent schools, trusts and foundations and their activities are as far-ranging as their legal structures. 

We provide a range of assurance services including statutory audit, systems reviews and funder audits; compliance and advice on VAT and corporation tax; and advice on how best to structure your charity, harness technology and manage risks like fraud. We work with high-profile organisations and understand the importance of a robust external audit underpinning timely and accurate financial reporting.

Our accessible senior team provides year-round support and advice to ensure our clients are up to date on those issues that matter most to you. Our clients find great value in the time we spend with them – understanding their strategic goals and their plans to achieve them. We understand the importance of working with people, not simply numbers – and our team are trustees too, meaning we have the perspective from both sides.

We are committed to making a positive impact on charities. We are active members of key groups including Charity Finance Group, Charity Law Association and Charity Tax Group, taking part in conversations to help shape the sector.   We help our local communities too, supporting charities that work near us, encouraging volunteering and supporting charitable initiatives organised by our people.