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Statutory audit

Whether your business is listed or private, owner-managed, backed by private equity or with institutional shareholders, an external audit will provide confidence to your stakeholders and is a valuable, independent review process. As external audits come under increasing public scrutiny, it is important to choose a firm not afraid to challenge you. We will approach the audit with fresh eyes and apply a unique perspective – bringing a new rigour to the audit process, and providing a catalyst for management to re-evaluate some of its key business processes and presentations within the financial statements. 

Quality lies at the heart of our audit. We are one of the largest and most successful accountancy businesses, trusted by large, demanding and high-profile clients across a range of industries. As you would expect from a practice of our size, we are subject to regulatory oversight and reviewed and monitored by both the Quality Assurance Department of the ICAEW and the Audit Quality Review Team of the Financial Reporting Council to ensure that audit quality is of the highest standard.

In keeping with our values, our audit team will invest time, effort and skill to build insight and understanding. We draw on our natural curiosity to ask you questions, get under the skin of a situation and understand the underlying key issues early on. To identify the key business and financial reporting risks, we use data analytics throughout the audit process to tailor our approach to deliver a more relevant audit.

Proactive communication is at the heart of our approach – from consistently strong project management to dealing attentively with your queries. We offer insights through regular contact throughout the year, and publications and events covering important technical topics.

PKF acts for clients across many sectors with varying regulatory and reporting requirements, and we have specialist knowledge of a range of industries – from natural resources to technology to the financial services sector. If you are based in the UK, a global business, a single company or a multinational group, we are ideally positioned to carry out a robust and tailored audit, supported by our network of offices across the UK and overseas. We work hard to ensure all our clients, wherever they are located, receive the best possible benefits of a cohesive audit service from a team that not only has the experience to deliver complex multi-jurisdictional audits but also the local knowledge to support your team, wherever you are located.