Membership organisations

Membership organisations serve a unique purpose in providing support to, and a voice for, their members. Many are facing pressure in maintaining and growing member numbers. Ageing membership, financial pressures on corporate members and the need to meet ever-increasing member expectations are just some of the issues facing the sector today. Our experts have first-hand experience of the strategies that membership organisations are using to address these pressures.  

Being able to connect with your members, understand what is important to them, and develop new services are increasingly important. However, it is also vital to achieve a balance between providing high quality commercial services and keeping membership fees affordable and good value. You may also be faced with key decisions around using reserves, diversifying income streams and restructuring membership fees, as well as rationalisation and reorganisation.

Change and uncertainty are the new norms – strong leadership, effective corporate governance and continued horizon scanning for emerging risks and opportunities have never been more crucial if an organisation is to thrive and survive. We understand the importance of robust governance in the sector – that boards, whilst being responsible for the sound financial management of the organisation, are  composed of non-executive members who are not closely involved in day-to-day management.

Our history of working with membership organisations can be traced back to the early twentieth century. Our clients, both charitable and non-charitable, operate across several sectors including government representative, professional and industry bodies. Every membership body is distinctive and faces different challenges. We will tailor our services to suit your needs and achieve your goals.

We offer a wide range of assurance and advisory services to membership organisations – including statutory and internal audit, financial outsourcing, and risk management and fraud prevention advice. We carry out strategic reviews, advise on governance issues, assist with merger due diligence and help you plan for major tax issues. Through our membership of PKF Global, we also advise on international issues.

Built on establishing enduring relationships gained by investing time to understand your issues, our experts are here to provide practical solutions to challenges, share best practice and will keep you informed of any developments.