We work with people not numbers

We are not your average accountancy firm. PKF works with people, not numbers. Our specialists, from different areas, understand the complexity of our clients’ needs and the need for a blend of skills and experience. This is why our specialists will be hands-on, focus on your needs, anticipate challenges and offer insight to proposed solutions that are tailored specifically for you. 

The relationships we build with you are what makes our job worth every second. Our services are only the foundation. PKF will bring clarity to your complexity with thorough planning and guidance. 

Audit and assurance

Our experienced, highly qualified team offers a full range of audit and tailored assurance services. We take the time to understand how your business and its financial systems have been performing – and identify potential improvements. Our constructive approach is to minimise risk, maintain the strictest levels of corporate governance and achieve your goals more effectively.

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Our team provides comprehensive tax compliance and solid advisory services to a wide range of clients, both within the UK and globally, helping them find their way in the increasingly complex world of tax and offering practical solutions that work to their advantage. 

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Business advisory

Experts in working with a range of clients with a diverse set of needs, our team of business advisory specialists will help you tackle the myriad risks and opportunities that face your business with a unique combination of skills and advice.

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Capital markets

Our specialist capital markets team has vast experience working with companies listed, or looking to list, on a range of international markets including the London Stock Exchange Main Market (Premium and Standard), AIM, AQUIS, NASDAQ & OTC, ASX and TSX & TSX-V.

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Transaction advisory

Most companies will carry out one or more transactions in their lifetime whether this is an acquisition, the departure of a shareholder or an outright sale to a third party. This is where our experts will step in to assist you in assessing possible risks, looking at potential rewards and walking you through every phase of the transaction.

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Our specialists provide trusted, independent valuations in a wide range of situations – from financial reporting to introducing employee incentives, from securing additional funding to planning an acquisition or a sale, and from forming a new joint venture to the exit of a major shareholder, either amicably or in dispute.

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Business solutions

Our range of accounting, advisory and compliance services are delivered by a trusted team that possess real world expertise to ensure you receive an industry-leading service. Our scalable and flexible solutions will fit your needs, create clarity in complex situations and continue to adapt so that we can progress with you.

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Restructuring & Insolvency

A formal insolvency process doesn’t necessarily mean the end of your business. Taking restructuring advice can help prevent any problems from escalating further.

We know that contemplating a formal insolvency procedure is stressful, and the range of options can be confusing. We will guide you through the various options and ensure you choose the right process to achieve the best outcome from a difficult situation.

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Our experts will deliver informed insight on new business trends, changing regulations and add value so that you can achieve your professional and personal goals.