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Fraud prevention & forensic accounting

Fraud is an ever-present problem that costs businesses a great deal of money. This is when our skilled Fraud and Forensic team will step in – to assist and support you in addressing such incidents or help in preventing, detecting and providing assurance to enable future protection against such events. Our motto is to invest the time and effort to show that we value our clients and that we will take personal accountability for our commitments.  

We are a team of experts with a national and international track record built up over many years. We advise both private and public sector clients including governments, major national and international companies and individual victims of fraud. These are the services we offer:

Forensic accounting

Our forensic accounting specialists investigate and analyse information to provide solutions to a range of business requirements including asset tracing, dispute resolutions and fraud investigations.

Fraud risk management

Creating the correct behaviours and culture within your organisation to help prevent fraud, bribery or corruption has three key strands:

  • The right tone at the top set by the Board
  • Constant communication of the robust policies and procedures in place
  • A range of counter fraud activities.

This will provide an ethos where your staff and stakeholders will feel comfortable to raise concerns.

Awareness and education

The team will educate your employees and supply chain as to the risks of fraud, bribery and corruption, identifying responsibilities and help everyone to appreciate that it may happen in your organisation, understand how that can affect your business, and commit to the steps to help prevent it.

Fraud investigations

Our Fraud Investigators investigate allegations of fraud, bribery and corruption throughout the world in a variety of sectors. With resources across the globe, we will draw on experienced experts to deliver realistic and affordable solutions within the relevant legislation. 

We investigate suspicious activity, identify those involved, look to stop further financial loss and work with the authorities to recover the fraudulent amount. 

Regulatory investigations

We have experience of working on behalf of UK regulators to gather the relevant facts. We can assist in the decision-making process to help the regulator decide if further action may be required, whether of a supervisory nature, by imposing an enforcement sanction, or both.

Business intelligence

One of the major challenges organisations face when dealing with due diligence is being able to verify customers or suppliers using a reliable source. The Fraud & Forensic Team can face current challenges of identifying the company and individuals associated with them, regardless of their location to provide discreet relevant information to assess risks and help you make important decisions.

Contentious insolvency litigation

PKF also has experience with contentious insolvency litigation, which typically involves action against entities and/or individuals under the Insolvency Act 1986 relating to antecedent transactions. Cases will be considered on a contingent basis and fees taken from asset realisations.

Class action claim

The Forensic and Fraud team acts on behalf of claimants as part of civil actions, seeking damages in relation to legal claims following Court rulings in favour of the claimants. We partner with legal advisors and claim funders to facilitate a successful resolution and act on a contingent fee basis.