The Government has further delayed the introduction of MTD for ITSA. It will be phased in from 6 April 2026. We consider the implications.

Tax Talk: MTD for ITSA – where are we now?

The VAT rules in relation to acquisitions are complex. We look at the recent Ince Gordon Dadds versus HMRC case to see how companies can be better prepared

Tax Talk: Recovery of VAT on deal fees

This webinar focused on the global complexity of indirect taxes and eCommerce.

On demand webinar: Global Indirect Taxes – My Best Friend’s a Robot

Mercedes Bragg is an Assistant Manager in our Training team. In this interview, Mercedes talks about her career and how her role has evolved during her time with us.

Alumni interview: the future is in safe hands!

We are delighted to have supported Celsius Resources Limited on it’s admission to trading on AIM.

Deal Alert: Celsius Resources Limited

Read all about the transactions and the companies we supported in our Capital Markets Deals Review 2022.

Capital Markets Deals Review 2022

There are many reasons why a business may decide to operate internationally. But it’s important to take tax advice before going any further. Chris Riley sets out some key priorities.

Tax Talk: Overseas expansion: what should you consider?

We look at some of the new Employment Tax obligations and liabilities that the company will need to consider when it reaches certain milestones.

Tax Talk: The employment tax cycle: growth and expansion

Partnerships are common among professional services providers such as law firms and accountants, but they’re increasing in other sectors too. We look at the tax implications for partners versus employees.

Tax Talk: Bringing managers into the partnership: the tax benefits

We look at the role of fixed establishments and how they relate to VAT liabilities arising from overseas operations

Tax Talk: Expanding abroad? How to establish the VAT position

Outcomes from the FCA’s review.

Consumer Duty – FCA’s update on implementation plans