The capital markets rely on timely and accurate information, and the publication of audited financial information is an important aspect of enabling stakeholders to assess the financial position of a listed company. As the fifth largest auditor of listed businesses in the UK, we understand the detailed reporting requirements and governance required.

With over 145 clients on either the LSE Main Market or AIM, we have a strong reputation. Understanding of highly regulated, technically complex businesses has become a specialism of ours. Our knowledge of PIEs in a range of sectors puts us ahead of many of our competitors.

  • Ranked 5th Auditor to Total Stock Market clients in the UK
  • Ranked 2nd Auditor of AIM companies
  • Ranked 1st in Basic Materials

Source: Adviser Rankings Guide, August 2023

Our success in advising large public businesses is underpinned by our commitment to quality. As you would expect from a practice of our size and with our number of complex and listed clients, we are subject to regulatory oversight and are reviewed and monitored by both the Quality Assurance Department of the ICAEW and the Audit Quality Review Team of the Financial Reporting Council to ensure that audit quality is of the highest standard. Our rigorous internal procedures ensure we comply with the FRC Revised Ethical Standard and also the International Ethics Standard Board (IESBA) Code of Ethics.

Appointing PKF as new auditors brings several benefits. We will approach the audit with fresh eyes and apply a unique perspective – bringing additional challenge to the audit process and providing an incentive for management to re-evaluate some of its key business processes and presentations within the financial statements. 

In keeping with our values, our audit team will invest time, effort and skill to build insight and understanding. We draw on our natural curiosity to ask you questions, get under the skin of a situation and understand the underlying key issues early on. To identify the key business and financial reporting risks, we use data analytics throughout the audit process to tailor our approach to deliver a more relevant audit.

Proactive communication is key to our audit approach – from consistently strong project management to dealing attentively to your queries. 

Sharing our knowledge

Our regular publication, Capital Quarter, a newsletter for listed business and advisors, provides up to date technical information on a regular basis. We hold roundtables, seminars and technical webinars to provide you with relevant updates on topical issues and the impact they may have on you and your listed business.