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To help our clients and contacts understand the current market, our Capital Markets team interviews some of our esteemed industry experts, to understand more about them, their company, their views on the market and the challenges they might face in the next phase of their business journey.

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A catch-up with…Emily Rees

Emily Rees, CFO of Quartix Holdings Ltd, explains what steps the company has taken to enhance their green credentials, and how they secured the London Stock Exchange’s green economy mark in 2022.

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A catch-up with…Raluca Săceanu

Raluca Săceanu, CEO of Smarttech247, tells us how they are helping companies to not only proactively prevent and respond to cyber-attacks, but also how to secure their digital transformation journey.

A catch-up with…Cameron Parry

Cameron Parry, Founder and CEO of TallyMoney, explores the potential weaknesses of traditional banking and explains why through their technology platform they are hoping to offer an attractive alternative.

A catch-up with… Clive Brook

Clive Brook, CFO, explains how Clean Power Hydrogen Plc (CPH2) aims to be a leader in the transition towards decarbonisation and the delivery of global ‘net zero’ commitments.

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A catch-up with…Marc Chennault

Marc Chennault, CFO i(x) Net Zero plc and WasteFuel, tell us that despite the current market uncertainty investors will be back very soon as they won’t want to miss out on ESG opportunities.

A catch-up with… Ric Williams

Ric Williams, Group CFO at eEnergy, explains how the company is helping businesses navigate their way to Net Zero by tackling energy waste.

New report from the International Energy Authority

A new report from the International Energy Authority published at the end of June, predicts that global energy investment is set to increase by 8% in 2022

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A catch-up with… Kien Huynh

Kien Huyhn, CFO at Tirupati Graphite plc, tells us what sets Tirupati apart from other companies operating in the graphite space.

A catch-up with… Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson, CEO at Power Metal Resources Plc, tells us how his collection of experiences and varied career has helped to increase the odds of success in a somewhat risky industry.

A catch-up with…Richard Elmer

Richard Elmer, Regional Manager at Knight Piésold, explains how Knight Piésold is cleaning up mining in more ways than one.

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A catch-up with… Rod McIllree

Rod McIllree, Chairman at Bluejay Mining Plc, explains why Bluejay is on the cusp of becoming an overnight success.

A catch-up with… Nick Tulloch

Nick Tulloch, CEO and Founder of Voyager, explains the company’s unusual reason for seeking a listing

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A catch-up with… Davinder Rai

Davinder Rai, Vice President of Hellenic Dynamics, shares his personal inspiration for starting the company

A catch-up with…Roby Zomer

If you are passionate about something and truly believe in it, then don’t give-up, advises Roby Zomer, CEO and Managing Director of MGC Pharmaceuticals

A catch-up with… Ed McDermott

Ed McDermott, CEO of SEED Innovations, explains the credentials SEED looks for before investing in a company

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