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VAT recovery

Reclaiming the correct amount of VAT from HMRC is not always a straight-forward process. Our VAT specialists can advise on how your business can maximise its VAT recovery. This can range from ensuring you keep the correct VAT records as evidence of your claim to input VAT, to advising on complex partial exemption regulations.

If your business has incurred significant VAT on its costs and is not VAT registered, we can assess whether you are entitled to register for VAT retrospectively and reclaim the VAT incurred. It may be possible to backdate VAT registration applications up to four years – the VAT recovery could be substantial.

If you have not recovered all input VAT on costs through your VAT returns, we will help you submit voluntary disclosures to HMRC to recover this.

For partially exempt businesses, our VAT team will evaluate whether your current partial exemption method is effective. If it is not, we will assess whether a special method would be more appropriate and help you in seeking HMRC approval. This can be a complex and lengthy exercise but our team has experience in this area and will help you to achieve any VAT recovery cost effectively.

HMRC compliance reviews

HMRC conducts periodic VAT inspections. They will also generally verify substantial or unusual VAT repayment claims before the funds are released. These inspections can take place at your premises, our office or via a desktop audit. Our team will assist you with the smooth running of these and help minimise any disruption to your business.