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International VAT

Businesses engaged in cross-border trade in goods or services need to comply with the rules in the relevant jurisdictions. These rules typically establish the place where VAT falls due, the amount of tax and who has the liability to account for it. Our VAT experts can advise you on your international transactions so you can be sure your business is fully compliant. 

Although the VAT rules overseas may be similar to those in the UK, they are rarely identical. We work with specialists across our international network of offices to advise on VAT issues encountered overseas. 

With the transitional period for Brexit due to end shortly, cross-border transactions are likely to be subject to new rules and regulations. We can assist you to identify the changes you need to put in place to be sure of a smooth transition.

If your business incurs costs in the EU or elsewhere, you may be able to recover the VAT incurred. Our indirect tax team will assist in this process, using the local knowledge of PKF experts across the globe. Similarly, overseas businesses may wish to recover VAT incurred in the UK, which we can also help with. Brexit will result in changes to the system of reclaiming VAT for some businesses who incur VAT overseas. We can advise on how much VAT you can recover and the process for doing so.