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VAT advisory

VAT can be a complex tax. So it is essential to get help from qualified experts who can advise you. Our team of specialists can advise on any VAT issue to ensure that your VAT liabilities – and the right to deduct VAT as input tax – are recognised and correctly accounted for. Our advice will minimise risks of unforeseen liabilities to VAT, penalties and interest.

Our reliable team finds solutions to clients’ problems. We can advise on the VAT implications of any transaction and on the right to input tax recovery. This need might arise due to an acquisition, disposal or business restructuring, or when changes in VAT law occur. We can review past compliance and undertake the relevant due diligence on the acquisition of a target. Ensuring future compliance is vital and our team is available to guide you through every step of the process. 

Transaction advice

VAT business processes and systems implementation

VAT group reviews