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International tax

Taxes are not going anywhere. The question is, how will you minimise their impact? What kind of expertise do you need to help achieve your international goals? PKF’s global reach of over 150 countries means we can provide the worldwide tax coverage you need.

Our trusted experts deal with clients from large, established multinational listed groups to privately owned businesses setting up new international ventures. Our aim is to provide solutions – help you understand the complex issues involved in structuring your business operations, evaluate transfer pricing arrangements and repatriation issues, and ensure compliance with the regulations of relevant countries. 

Our clients matter to us and we take the time to invest in them, whether they need help with a one-off tax issue or are looking for an ongoing global solution. Our international tax services include:

Overseas tax obligations

Solving tax problems and giving advice on issues such as activities in a foreign country, the implications for creating a taxable presence (permanent establishment) and the resulting foreign tax obligations. If you have created a taxable presence, we will help you minimise your overseas tax liability and understand your overseas obligations.

Business operations

Working with clients to establish an overseas business operation, including structure and form of foreign entity, financing and profit extraction.

We provide helpful guidance on overseas mergers/demergers, investment/divestment, business changes (expansion, sale or acquisitions) and advice on the tax implications of entering or exiting a foreign market.

Cross-border tax advice

Comprehensive cross-border tax advice, including withholding tax obligations and sales or acquisitions.

We consider not only the application of the relevant tax legislation but also proposed changes (both tax and regulatory), the attitudes and practices of local tax authorities and expected global changes that could affect advice.

Foreign tax compliance

Assistance in meeting all your foreign tax compliance obligations, help with filing tax returns (and completing the supporting computations and schedules) and dealing with tax assessments and all tax authority correspondence.

Internationally mobile employees

Advice around overseas tax obligations for overseas employees, wherever they are located.

These services include local payroll advice, personal tax compliance services and tax advice to international companies.

Tax structuring

A complete strategy for cross-border expansions, acquisitions, disposals and reorganisations.  

Working with you, throughout the lifetime of your overseas investment, our advice extends from initial tax-efficient structuring, using local tax incentive regimes, to solutions in extracting the income (profits) of your investment and exit strategies to minimise capital gains tax implications and provide a tax-efficient route to settle residual funds.

Transfer pricing

Transfer pricing reviews to support your transfer pricing policy and inter-company transactions.

Our reliable global specialists ensure that you meet your local, regional and global obligations.

Indirect taxes and VAT

Complete global coverage and a complete range of services in relation to VAT, GST and customs duty implications of cross-border services and movement of goods.