German desk

Germany is one of the largest investors in the UK, controlling £93.8 billion of UK foreign direct investment. It is the UK’s second largest export market and our second largest trading partner, accounting for more than 10% of all UK trade in 2019*. Despite Brexit, the UK is going to remain an important destination for German companies and businesses from engineering to pharmaceuticals and technology will continue to invest in the UK.

Whether you already have a strong UK base or are a German company looking to establish itself in the UK, our German desk we will support you.

Local and international expertise

For established businesses, we provide robust audit and tax compliance to support your UK investment, and work closely with PKF offices across Germany and beyond to provide co-ordinated audit services to your international group. 

If you are embarking on your UK venture, we will deal with the practicalities so that you can concentrate on making the business a success. Our experts can help you understand the differences between Spanish and UK business culture, and the legal and regulatory regime, and advise you on your corporate structure.  

We also understand that people matter. Our tax and social security advice will help you understand your obligations as a UK employer and mitigate the risk that you and your team do not become subject to UK tax authority investigations. For companies planning expansion from Germany, it is important to make sure that your employees are supported.  Our global mobility team can help you structure their employment in the most efficient way and help you – and them – understand the tax obligations.

Once established, we will help ensure you comply with UK tax including payroll and social security obligations, statutory filing and financial reporting requirements, and the statutory audit regime. If you decide to delay your investment in in-house accounting expertise, we will give you access to the financial acumen of our business outsourcing team to help you monitor your growth. If you are looking to invest in a UK business or plan to grow through acquisition, our transaction advisory team will support you from due diligence to integration advice, and ensure you are structured to maximise growth and manage the risks, including tax. 

 *Department of International Trade 2019