Supporting Pride Month 2022

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At PKF, we are proud to embrace diversity and inclusion in the working environment as the UK celebrates 50 years of the Pride movement. PKF is pleased to be supporting Pride Month.

As part of our celebrations, our diversity and inclusion group have been involving colleagues in learning more about Pride Month and what it means for both colleagues and clients.

We are all unique individuals and Pride can mean something different to each of us. In celebration of Pride month we asked our colleagues to share what Pride means to them. Here are a few of the many responses.

“We recognise that the combination of our different backgrounds, personalities and experiences is what gives us our advantage – and is also an important part of what makes working here so rewarding and interesting!

“That’s why PKF is proud to celebrate diversity, foster greater inclusion and promote greater understanding and support for one another. Our Pride month initiatives are just one of the many ways we do that.”

Dominic Roberts
Managing Partner