Fulfilling our potential

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We aim to create a supportive environment where ambitious people, regardless of background, can fulfil their potential and help our clients realise their ambitions. To this end, we invest significantly in our learning and development activities, though a combination of both formal and informal training.

We provide a mix of technical, leadership and people skill training for our Partners and staff throughout their career with us. We believe it is important to support our teams in continuing to grow both professionally and personally.  

“At PKF, we support everyone in fulfilling their potential.

“We invest a considerable amount of time and financial resources throughout the year in our training programmes. PKF is closely scrutinised by the industry regulators, so it should be no surprise that our technical training is of the highest standard.

“However, we go much further than that to help our people to develop soft skills – such as emotional intelligence, resilience, communication, coaching and team-building – that will help them to make the most of their careers.”

Selina Edis | Member of the Leadership Team | PKF London

For those members of staff who are at the start of their careers, we provide a highly-regarded technical and skills training programme that uses some of the country’s leading exam tuition providers.

Staff who are qualified are then enrolled onto our Pathway programme, with a diverse mix of modules that is constantly updated to incorporate the latest developments and reflect emerging best practice.  This enables us to continuously sharpen our skills and knowledge, and to stay ahead of the curve.

At the most senior level, our Directors and Partners benefit from a tailored Leadership programme.

This comprehensive framework is supplemented by an annual firm-wide training week, which brings all of our teams together for an intensive few days of training on current industry topics.

Outside of our rapidly-expanding formal training curriculum, we have organised our business to maximise the potential for on-the-job learning. By working in compact and nimble teams, made up of individuals of different levels of seniority, we are all ideally placed to learn from the experiences of our colleagues. We are also encouraged to actively seek feedback from those around us and use it to help us to continue to improve and grow.