Top takeaways from our first live event

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  1. A welcome return to in person events.

  2. Hybrid working – not as straightforward as just agreeing it with the employee!
    • Consideration needs to be given to the temporary workplace rules and whether home or office qualifies as a permanent/temporary workplace.
    • HMRC have made subtle changes made to the £6 a week working allowance. Many people will no longer qualify.
    • Check your internal policies, if they were adjusted for COVID they will need revisiting as the COVID rules/concessions no longer apply.
    • If no policy exists – get one put in place as a priority.
  1. Hybrid working outside of the UK adds another layer of complexity.
    • Increased costs of employment.
    • Potential PE in the host country.
    • In country payroll requirement.
    • Employer Social Security rates.
    • Country specific employment law including holidays, minimum pay etc
    • Amount of time to be spent back in the UK.
    • Individual’s tax status and filing responsibilities.
  1. Recent changes to the UK immigration system
    • Old visas out, new visas in.
  1. Employment Law
    • What a good employment contract should look like.
    • What are an employer’s rights when an employee asks to continue to work from home when the employer wants them back in the office?

A very positive, interesting and rewarding evening and we are very much looking forward to hosting our next event in September – more details to follow.