Global Indirect Taxes Webinar series

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Our five-part series of Global Indirect Taxes webinars were dedicated to VAT, GST, and the broader spectrum of indirect taxes worldwide.

Each webinar provides an update on key developments affecting businesses trading internationally, including the new VAT e-commerce rules introduced by the European Union, recent events affecting the interrelationship between a direct tax PE and a fixed establishment for VAT purposes, and key updates on domestic and international tax and business law.

The series was led by VAT Director, Luigi Lungarella. Luigi was joined by indirect tax experts from across the PKF Global network.

Tax in Transit - 6 June 2023

In this webinar, we focused on VAT and Customs issues when trading goods internationally, and provided an update on customs requirements both within Europe and globally and the impact of recent events on existing supply chains.

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Eat your Greens - 28 March 2023

This webinar focused on indirect taxation in the sustainable economy. With many jurisdictions introducing and amending tax legislation to fit the global environmental agenda, the indirect tax world looks set to significantly change. But is the role of taxation in sustainability a carrot or a stick?

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My Best Friend’s a Robot - 7 February 2023

In this webinar, our speakers focused on the global complexity of indirect taxes and eCommerce. We provided information about indirect tax compliance requirements globally and highlighted steps that can be taken to minimise indirect tax administration and exposure.

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The Age of Information and VAT - 14 December 2022

This webinar looked in detail at the EU Commission’s recent proposals on VAT in the Digital Age which, if adopted, will have a significant impact on businesses globally. The proposals impacted e-invoicing and real-time reporting, transactions through platforms, and the single place of VAT registration in the EU to simplify compliance burdens for businesses.

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Tax Time Machine - 8 November 2022

This webinar provided an update on the key indirect tax developments affecting businesses trading internationally. It covered the changes that came in the EU and other jurisdictions in 2022, a number of changes in the pipeline and provide an update in relation to goods and services tax and sales tax issues around the globe.

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