On demand webinar: Cybersecurity and Fraud Prevention

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Building a robust framework 

This is the third in our series of webinars on Cybersecurity and Fraud Prevention. As well as recent security updates, we provide practical corporate advice on implementing effective policies and procedures.
Our fraud experts cover fraud prevention with a focus on corporate governance requirements. Effective corporate governance measures are essential to prevent corporate scandals, fraud, and potential civil and criminal liability. Our team will talk you through the key documents to have in place.
Our Cybersecurity specialist look at the cyber security landscape and update on high level issues and go through selection criteria for cyber assurance and accreditation.
We cover:
  • Fraud prevention and response plans
  • Cyber accreditation options
  • Latest threat updates from the NCSC and other cyber security sources
  • More resources to help protect your people, their families and the business
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