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Office 365 Complete Protection

If your business uses Office 365, you may be aware of the array of Security and Compliance features available to help protect your people and your business.

You may be familiar with the Office 365 Security Centre, Secure Score, Exchange Online Protection, Compliance Centre, Report Centre and Admin Centre.  Implementation and realistation of ongoing benefits requires time and experience. 

To help organisations proactively benefit from the services available we have created Office 365 Complete Protection. Working alongside your teams we will guide you through the implementation journey and provide ongoing services to help ensure you’re maximising the protection services available.

We have categorised all the features and settings in the Admin Centre, Secure Score, Security Centre, Compliance Centre and Exchange Online Protection into modules that our experienced team can assist your team deploy with a hands on approach.  We help ensure that the biggest asset in your company, your people, are educated about the changes, and educated on how to deal with threats in the future. We protect your backend systems alerting your team to potential issues, suspicious logins and much more.

Once we have completed our thorough hands-on review, we’ll address issues affecting your Secure Score. We’ll collaborate with your team to take over the updated services. Customised reports will consolidate all threats and intel into one easy to read email sent on a weekly basis, and immediately when a threat is detected.  

Our process

We have an initial meeting to meet and greet the key stakeholders and the team involved in the project. Our team will reach out to get relevant access rights for us to complete an assessment of what is needed.

A proposal will then be send through based on what is needed to be completed and agreed on. Once accepted a project plan will be drawn up and each step completed.

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Step 2

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