Suralink is a workflow management application that improves the efficiency and client experience of audit, tax and advisory projects.   

Suralink serves as a single location for client interaction. It helps accountancy firms to simplify the document exchange process with clients by combining a dynamic request list and assignment workflow – all within a secure environment that integrates neatly into your audit process.

Why Suralink?

Suralink provides clarity to client and audit teams on requests made, status and queries.

“Suralink saved us time, reduced email traffic and kept us informed.”

Suralink reduces the risk of delays or miscommunications throughout the audit, avoiding costly over-run issues and reduced effectiveness.

“Suralink gave us a clear checklist, reducing our Finance team’s workload.”

Suralink focuses on simplifying processes, increasing effectiveness and improving client experience in hundreds of audit clients across the UK and North America.

Suralink is ideally suited to support accountancy teams that are working remotely from each other and their clients. With remote working likely to become the new normal in the accountancy sector, Suralink has the potential to become an essential part of every forward-thinking practice’s software toolkit.

How it works

Features include: easy preparation and upload of our prepared by client (PBC) requests, graphical representation of outstanding requests, simple drag & drop of relevant files, clear acceptance of files, feedback and comments linked to requests. We can assist you in implementing Suralink in your practice, through online training and administration support.

Our experience

We implemented Suralink in early 2019 to replace a mixture of solutions for our PBC process. Suralink enabled us to adopt a more modern and consistent method with increased client access, leading to significant improvements in client satisfaction and enhanced processes across the audit function.

“All of my clients love Suralink”

Find out more

To find out more, or to discuss how Suralink can help your process and your client service, please get in touch.  You can also download Suralink’s case study on PKF.

PKF Littlejohn is the exclusive distributor of Suralink in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.