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Funding solutions

Looking for finance?

Do you have the right funding to help your business maximise on future opportunities and take on any challenges that lie ahead? Our expert team will help you make the right choices based on the needs of your business.

More options than ever before

The range of funding options has increased dramatically over the years and there are now over 350 lenders in the UK. Yet 50% of SMEs still only contact one finance provider when looking for funding – this means they are unlikely to have secured the best source of finance to allow them to unlock their potential.

That is why our PKF Funding Solutions team partnered with Capitalise, an innovative business finance platform – this way we will create opportunities for your business to maximise its potential.

Trusted advice and access to lenders

Our PKF Funding Solutions team, with their trusted advice and financial expertise, will bring you access to a wide range of lenders. You benefit from PKF’s highly respected client support and in-depth understanding of the requirements of SME businesses – and the Capitalise platform enables you to compare a broad selection of finance products from the UK’s leading mainstream and independent lenders.

We will support you every step of the way, assessing your requirements, preparing your business, guiding you through the application, explaining your options and negotiating with lenders to help you to secure the right finance deal. Our specialists will meet with you, discuss your needs and work with Capitalise to match your business with the most fitting lenders.

Our approach is to invest the time to find a deal that suits your business, that will help you grow quickly and cost effectively and will enables you to get on with running your business. Get in touch if you want us to help.

Types of finance

Asset finance

Trade finance

Working capital finance

Invoice finance

Property finance

Merchant cash advance

Frequently asked questions

What type of finance can you help me find?

Should I still talk to my usual bank about a loan?

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