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Proactive risk management is critical, especially in a world where the risk landscape is constantly evolving. In recent years, we have seen new risks such as cyber security, data protection and operational resilience come to the fore. COVID-19 has further emphasised the need for businesses to consider emerging risks and their potential impact.

Our team understands the importance of robust risk governance and the need for a strong risk management framework – the foundations for ensuring that risks are proactively and effectively identified, measured, monitored, managed and reported.

How are we different and why choose us? Because we value and respect our clients and remain consistent in our methods with your goals in mind. 

We will help you identify any gaps or weaknesses in your risk management framework to effectively implement suitable approaches. This might include looking at:

The risk management framework – We will assess how your risk management framework supports your business strategy and the risk appetite statements that have been set by the board.

Risk governance structures – We will review your risk governance structures and processes to ensure that risk management is prioritised at the highest level.

Risk registers – We will analyse your risk registers to assess the completeness and accuracy of content – and ensure they accurately reflect the risk profile of the business and align to best practice.

Risk culture – We will assess the extent to which your risk management processes are understood by risk / control owners and are embedded across the business.

Risk metrics – We will review the business’s risk metrics, KPIs and reporting to ensure the information presented to management and the risk governance committee is user-friendly and allows effective oversight.