Family office

Families of significant wealth have complex lives and face unique challenges. As your wealth increases, so do financial complexities, family dynamics issues, administrative commitments and lifestyle management needs. We understand these challenges – hence, why families often look to our trusted advisors to help manage this complexity, streamline administrative affairs and manage information to make better decisions that ensures the smooth and effective inter-generational transfer of wealth.

The features that make a family special are often what make the oversight of its financial and personal affairs problematic; there is no single solution that works best for everyone. Successful businesses and significant wealth can add complexity to the family dynamic, amplifying issues and creating unexpected challenges.

Our unparalleled experience sees us working with families, family office executives, and their advisors. We provide specialised expertise and dedicated resources, and deliver solutions that address the complex financial, administrative and lifestyle issues you face in a timely and cost efficient manner.

We offer industry specific expertise in accounting, tax planning, investment oversight, wealth management, family offices and governance to structure, enhance and transition your financial, emotional and intellectual assets.

Family office structuring and organisational support

Financial management

Accounting and reporting

Tax planning, compliance and transactional support

Lifestyle and transactional support