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Phil Broadbery


Phil Broadbery

Phil is a partner and Head of Technology at PKF, with over 30 years’ IT experience across a variety of sectors. Having cut his teeth in IT consulting, working on accounts production in the 1990’s, Phil’s experience has since taken him through waves of digital innovations, including high volume e-commerce, complex integrated cloud services, data analytics and AI capabilities. 

Phil joined PKF in 2012, and worked for 6 years with our international offices to deploy technology for operational and client service, enabling him to develop a deep understanding of our global teams.

Phil now specialises in working with PKF audit teams in London to deliver projects with complex integrations and large data volumes with automation and data analytics support.

Phil is also responsible for data protection and information security at PKF, including regulatory compliance, accreditation and technology risk. He has worked with many clients and suppliers on the implementation and management of policy and procedures to maintain standards.

Phil combines his commercial focus with the ability to relate to clients in their language. His track record in connecting people from different disciplines enables him to simplify complexity, identify opportunities and bring a fresh perspective to projects.