Proportionality: what the listed market needs from the audit and corporate governance reforms

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The government’s consultation White Paper, Restoring trust in audit and corporate governance: proposals on reforms, aims to strengthen the UK’s framework for major companies and the way they are audited.

The headline message is that they will prevent high-profile corporate failures and will introduce more competition to the audit market.

We asked our clients if they thought the reform proposals would achieve these aims.  

Although almost three-quarters (73%) of respondents recognise the need for reform, that is where the agreement with the government’s proposal ends. The overall impression is that the new requirements will be a lot of extra work for no noticeable reward, with only 36% of respondents believing that these reforms will bring about an improvement to the current situation.  
The proposals will significantly increase costs and bureaucracy, without a corresponding improvement in corporate governance and the audit market. Respondents believe that over-burdening growth enterprises with disproportionate amounts of regulation could drive companies to seek finance elsewhere. 
Introducing proportionality would twist the kaleidoscope and the reforms would be seen in a much more favourable way. Over 80% of respondents say they would prefer to see a tier system based on market capitalisation or some other size criteria. 

The results of our survey are insightful and compelling and make for interesting reading! 

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