Escalate News: Spring 2020

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The statistics are alarming. It’s estimated by the Legal Services Board that in excess of £40 billion is written off each year by SMEs, because they don’t believe that there’s a cost-effective solution to resolving their disputes. And a recent Xero report estimates that there was £131 billion tied up in late payments last year.

Why is this happening? The message we hear from SMEs is clear: both the cost and the support system for recovery has been a major barrier. It’s too easy for defendants to ‘game’ the system and less hassle for creditors to write off than pursue. This is exactly why we offer Escalate – a positive and commercially viable alternative to writing off late payments, bad debts and other commercial disputes.

We are committed to helping change the late payment, commercial dispute and bad debt landscape for SMEs. It’s time for you to get the full benefit of our commitment. It’s time for you to Escalate…