Our regular Tax Talk newsletters provide the latest news, insight and analysis on tax related matters, covering both corporate and […]

Tax Talk: May 2020

Our COVID-19 Accelerator series is designed to highlight the impact COVID-19 is having on families, their offices and their businesses […]

Funds & Family Office: COVID-19 & family transition

The statistics are alarming. It’s estimated by the Legal Services Board that in excess of £40 billion is written off […]

Escalate News: Spring 2020

Welcome to the Winter 2019/20 edition of Capital Quarter – our newsletter for listed businesses and their advisors. This issue […]

Capital Quarter: Winter 2019/20

Welcome to the latest edition of Broking Business. There is probably no-one in the country who has not felt confused […]

Broking Business: Winter 2019/20

Wealthy families have been working together on co-investing opportunities for as long as there have been wealthy families – and […]

Funds & Family Office: Co-investing and deal flow

Welcome to the Summer 2019 edition of Capital Quarter – our newsletter for listed businesses and their advisors.   The world […]

Capital Quarter: Summer 2019

As we head into the second half of the year, it’s not just the next Brexit deadline that’s looming. By […]

Broking Business: Summer 2019

In our experience from carrying out risk and control assurance work across the insurance sector we are seeing a growing […]

Good practice guide: Internal audit for brokers

There are a million definitions for succession and it is often assumed that succession only focuses on continuing a business. […]

Funds & Family Office: Succession for your family enterprise

In our experience from carrying out numerous audits, investigations and due diligence projects, the subject of client money and risk […]

Good practice guide: Client money for brokers

With decades of service to family offices, ultra-high-net-worth individuals and inter-generational families, we understand better than most that our clients […]

Funds & Family Office: Custom reporting