Administrators appointed over Finablr PLC

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Finablr Plc (“Finablr” or the “Company”) was placed into administration on 11 March 2022, by a resolution of the directors of the Company.

Stephen Goderski and Peter Hart of PKF GM have been appointed as Joint Administrators of Finablr, with immediate effect.

Finablr is a financial services holding company that was established in 2018.  The Company is listed on the London Stock Exchange, but its shares have been suspended since March 2020.

Stephen Goderski, Joint Administrator, said: “Finablr’s financial difficulties are well-publicised and our initial focus will be on understanding the asset position and what can be realised.

“Our aim is obviously to maximise the return to creditors, the majority of which are professional advisers.  We will consider a range of options in order to do this, but it is too early at this stage to speculate about the likely return.”

Chairman Michael Tomalin, on behalf of the directors of Finablr PLC, said: “The board wishes to thank all the group’s staff who have worked so hard over the past two years in an attempt to save the company, but we now believe that administration is the correct course of action.”

All enquiries relating to Finablr PLC should now be made directly to PKF GM via email to: