Promoting respect for everyone

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We work hard to make PKF a great place for everyone.  Our approach is based on making a tangible difference – we believe that we all have a role to play in celebrating our diversity and continuing to better understand and support one another.

Our commitment to inclusion and equality is reflected in our core policies and ways of working, including how we promote and reward our people. Our latest Gender Pay Gap report reveals that the mean and median hourly rate for women in our firm is higher than for men – this is something that very few of our peers have been able to achieve.

We are proud to have been a Living Wage employer for a number of years. We believe that our responsibilities also extend beyond our employees – we are committed to ensuring that there is no slavery or human trafficking in our supply chain.

“We don’t feel the need to put on a ‘work persona’ and don’t expect anyone else to have to do so either. Rather than forcing each other to fit a particular stereotype, we’re proud of our different personalities, backgrounds and experiences – it’s an important part of what makes working here so rewarding.

“That’s why we’ve developed a programme of events that help us to celebrate our diversity and to promote greater understanding and support.

“We’ll continue to build on these initiatives, identifying further opportunities to promote respect and understanding of our differences, and ensure that PKF continues to be a place where everyone can be themselves.”

Catherine Heyes | Partner and Chair of the Inclusion & Wellbeing Group | PKF London

On a practical level, our Inclusion & Wellbeing Group, which is made up of people from a range teams and seniority levels, helps us to create a culture of understanding of one another and respect for all.

The Group provides opportunities for us all to celebrate our diversity and to learn more about colleagues who have backgrounds, experiences or beliefs that may be different from our own. These initiatives also reinforce the principle that we want everyone to feel comfortable about being their authentic selves in our workplace.

Activities are often timed to coincide with festivals and events – recent examples include Diwali, Eid, Rosh Hashannah, Ramadan, Black History Month, the Chinese New Year, Easter, International Women’s Day and Pride month.