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The Brexit transition period ends on 31 December 2020. Most insurance intermediaries have either established a suitable structure or entered […]

On demand webinar: Broking Briefing: Brexit – the end of the beginning

PKF’s Cyber Security and Fraud Prevention series have been sharing best practice, recent case studies and offering help and guidance […]

On demand webinar: What certification means for your business and which one is right

Business owners have faced a wide array of challenges over the past few months during COVID-19. Many companies have swiftly […]

On demand webinar: How to resolve disputes, recover bad debts, and deal with your responsibilities as a director

Building a robust framework This is the third in our series of webinars on Cybersecurity and Fraud Prevention. As well as […]

On demand webinar: Cybersecurity and Fraud Prevention

The Government’s launch of the Future Fund is the latest significant measure to be announced to help businesses tackle the impact of Coronavirus.

On demand webinar: COVID-19 round-up

Supporting and retaining your key employees is difficult in such extraordinary times and is becoming key for many businesses as […]

On demand webinar: Supporting and retaining your key employees

During this crisis, we all rely more than ever on computer systems, mobile devices and the Internet to work, communicate, […]

On demand webinar: Increased risk of fraud and cybercrime

Join our Technology and Fraud teams for an on demand webinar As businesses have had to adjust to this challenging time, […]

On demand webinar: Coronavirus and cybersecurity

The uncertainty of the current situation surrounding coronavirus is affecting businesses in many different ways. The Government has responded with […]

On demand webinar: Weathering the storm